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how to play chess roll


Chess Roll is an exciting variation to the game of chess. Similar rules from the classic chess are applied here: the same movement for the chess pieces, white plays first, first pieces that can move are pawns and knights, etc.

The only difference, which makes Chess Roll more exciting and challenging, is that your moves are controlled by the dice rolls. 

How to play Chess Roll

Dice results

Your move is dictated by the roll of dice. Each player has a set of three dice. If the dice show a pawn, a rook, and a queen, you are only allowed to move one of those pieces.

The results of your dice roll will appear on these highlighted bars that are located on the upper right and left corners of the screen. Similarly, the pieces that you are allowed to move are highlighted on the board for easier visualization.

Resign, Pass, Dice Roll

These are three action buttons in Chess Roll.

(1) Dice Roll – Clicking this marks the start of your move. It will roll your dice and the results will be shown on the bar on the upper corner of your screen.

(2) Pass – You may skip your turn if you don’t think it is right to make a move with the pieces from your dice roll. Click this button and your move ends. Your opponent will now have the chance to roll his/her dice.

(3) Resign Match – Click this button to end your game. This will be automatically counted as your loss and your opponent’s win.

Full board

Chess Roll uses the same board as in the classic chess that we all know and love. The board includes the chess notations to easily record and identify chess moves and positions. Each piece is arranged similarly as well. 

The objective of the game is to put your opponent’s King in check in such a way that there is no legal way to remove it from attack. Once a player is under check, he/she is given up to three dice rolls to move out of the situation. The game ends if a player ran out of dice moves and is considered as Diced Out.

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Chess Roll

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