Chess Roll


In this feature, you will be able to connect and to play chess game online play with random opponents online! 

Sometimes it is just more challenging to play with someone you don’t even know, right? Someone unexpected! With the Matchmaking feature, the game will choose a completely random player who will be your opponent in a match. 

As a result of the random matchmaking, you may expect to be paired with players that you haven’t played with before and expect also to be paired repeatedly with the same player.

The Matchmaking button can be located at the upper part of the screen, beside the Chess Roll logo. Click this button and the screen will show you a pop up message which says “Finding Match”. It will also show your image as the first player and another photo for your opponent that says “Searching”. This means that our program is looking and pairing you from a pool of players who are also trying to find an opponent using the Matchmaking feature.

Once the program is able to pick a match for you, your opponent’s name and photo will be shown on the screen. When you are ready, just click the Enter Match button to start your game.

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Chess Roll

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