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Challenge yourself by playing against an AI through three difficulty levels!

Playing against the computer or an AI (artificial intelligence) is very useful when training especially at varying difficulty levels. This is an awesome tool if you want to practice and to understand why certain moves did or did not work. 

Playing with computer engines is helpful in showing us our weaknesses in playing chess. And when you see your weaknesses, that’s when you will know where to focus on your next practice.

When you use this feature, you can choose an AI difficulty stage where you can play the game just around a level when you can beat the AI but not to full strength. In this way, you can see the bad moves that are keeping you from beating the next level.

The Play vs AI feature is available for both Chess Roll (dice chess) and Chess games. For Chess Roll, you can access this feature in the Home Lobby page. Just click the second big photo in the center which says Play vs AI. Once you click this, you will be given the option to choose from the three AI difficulty levels available: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

For Chess, you can access the Play vs AI by first choosing Chess in the main lobby. You can access this by clicking the fourth big photo in the center of the Home page which says Play Chess. Once you are in Chess mode, you will see the Play vs AI option in the middle. Click this and you will be given the same set of AI difficulty levels as in the Chess Roll mode. Just the same, choose between Easy, Medium, and Hard.

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