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With Chess Roll, the safety and privacy of the information provided by our administrators and users are always taken into account. Making sure that you have read and understood the policy laid out in front of you, we can guarantee that our services can be provided to the best of our capabilities. Kindly go through the privacy policy to further understand how the information entered will be handled.

What is the reason behind collecting personal information?

Chess Roll uses the personal information of its administrators and users to provide services and further improve the way we operate. Communication plays a vital role in offering these services and this is one source to effectively offer customer support when needed. We ensure that the information provided will not be rented or sold after being provided by our third parties, we will not share the information given as defined in the policy provided.

What information would we collect from our third parties?

Chess Roll will collect information through the following avenues as you interact with Chess Roll services, includes the moment you activate your email for a Chess Roll account; when you use products or services of Chess Roll; when visiting Chess Roll; when entering raffles and promotions powered Chess Roll; when subscribing to our newsletter or if you desire to be added in our mailing lists for other special products and services; when you are corresponding or contacting us; when providing feedback in any of our online surveys.

The information entered to activate the account with your administrator: your first and last name, your active email address (if not provided by the administrator), the country you are living in, your demographic/profession (Web developer, Marketing Partner, Content Writer, and alike) and personal interest information. On some occasions, we may require additional information to enable us to provide access in using certain information. Chess Roll may utilize and combine information about you once obtained from business partners or other companies.

Why should we accept cookies?

Cookies allow data files to be written on your hard drive while using our application for record-keeping/tracking purposes. Cookies allow Chess Roll to measure traffic and the activity that our site experiences to improve your playing experience. In comparison to larger gaming websites and enterprises, Chess Roll uses cookies to provide you with a tailor-fit as you access our major products and events. We make use of the information provided and collected by the cookies and are treated with the same level of confidentiality of the information stored on our end. The functionality of removing or disabling cookies may be changed in the security settings, however, there are certain features of Chess Roll that will be limited in its functions.

What information would be stored through cookies?

Social Media Widgets:

The Websites may include but are not limited to social media features, such as the Facebook and Instagram Like and Share buttons, these buttons, or interactive mini-programs that may run on our website. The said features will collect your Internet protocol address, and may set a cookie to enable the feature to function properly and smoothly. Social media features and widgets are hosted by a third party or hosted directly on the Websites. The interactions with these features are governed by the privacy statement of the companies that provide them.

Information From Third-Party Services:

There may be instances when we also obtain other information, including personal information, from third parties and combine that with information we collect through our websites. For example, we may have to collect and use certain information from a third-party social media or authentication service if you log in to our services through such avenues or otherwise provide us with access to information from the service then again, this may only be done once enabled and allowed on your end. The access that we may have to the said information gathered from the third-party social media or authentication service is in accordance with the authorization procedures determined by the said service. If you have given us authority to connect with a third-party service, we will access and store your name, email address(es), current city, profile picture URL, and other personal information that the third-party service deems available to us, and has given us access to use and disclosed in accordance with this Policy. You must check your privacy settings on these third-party services to understand and change the information sent to us through these platforms. For example, you are given a single-sign in action as provided in services such as Facebook Connect or Gmail.

The sign-in service provided as mentioned in these platforms provides you with the option to share certain personal information (such as your name and email address) with us, and pre-populate our sign-up form. Services like how Facebook Connect gives you the option to post information about your activities in the Services to your profile page sharing such information with your networks.

How is the information entered protected?

Chess Roll safeguards and secures the data you send with physical, electronic, and managerial procedures deemed legally by the policy agreed upon. We strongly suggest that you take every precaution to protect your personal data when you are on the Internet. Fully participate and engage in the Chess Roll application, you must use an SSL-enabled browser. Chess Roll uses industry-standard Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption on web pages to fully maximize gamer experience.

While Chess Roll takes precautions to ensure the security of your data, no one can completely guarantee the safety of data transmitted over the internet since this is beyond the control of the platform used. Users must know that information added to the platform is approved and enabled on their end. It is important that you take steps to ensure the safety and security of your personal information, not limited to sharing passwords and registered personal data.

What would you use the personal information for?

Chess Roll will use your personal information for the following services:

  • Communicating and connecting with administrators and users in regards to service issues and customer needs.
  • Improving our products and services by providing personalized content recommendations, language and overall application features, and/or personalized help and instructions.
  • Having you participate in surveys about products, services, news, and events.
  • Offering you product upgrades, packages, services, and other events for you to purchase.
  • Offering you content, services, special instructions, and a personalized user experience based on personal information, such as your language preferences, zip/postal code, country locations, and any content or other preferences you provide.
  • Sharing news, free newsletters, updates, targeted advertising to your liking, promotions, and special offers and services.
  • To further educate our users on how our products are used, including Web traffic patterns and what types of content are most popular with users of our products and services. This aids in pinpointing features that need to be rectified and improved on our end
  • Offering anonymous reporting for internal and external partners that are in accordance with dealerships acquired.
  • Managing your participation in our online forums and activities ensures that we are helping to manage improper behavior by individuals using the dashboard that affects the overall experience with us.

How will the site disclose and collect the information?

Chess Roll may share your personal information with trusted vendors and partners who work with Chess Roll. These partners are provided with your personal information to help Chess Roll communicate with you about offers from us and from our marketing partners. They are contractually required to keep the aforementioned personal information secure and to only use it for the purposes for which it is declared and provided. Chess Roll may send personal information about you to other companies or people when we need to share your information to provide the overall user experience, connecting and building networks. Do be reminded that these companies are only permitted to use the said information for the aforementioned purposes.

Chess Roll may also disclose the personal information stored and entered on our website if it is required to do so by the law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to: (a) to meet with the international standard and law or legal processes or if requested by duly authorized public authorities in the state; (b) to meet the order of a competent judicial authority in any jurisdiction; (c) to meet with

legal processes served on Chess Roll; (d) to protect and defend the rights or property of Chess Roll or our affiliated companies and partners, alongside their employees; (e) to enforce our terms of use; (f) in protecting us against fraud or other illegal activity or in any form of risk management purposes; (g) to permit us in pursuing available remedies or to limit the damages that we may sustain; (g) to act with grave urgency in circumstances that would need us to protect the personal safety of users of Chess Roll or the public at large.

If Chess Roll would find the need to file for bankruptcy, or become pauperized, or get acquired/bought by a third party, or deem the need to merge with a third party, or in the event of selling all or part of its assets, or to transfer substantially all or part of its relevant assets to a selected third party, then Chess Roll is entitled to share the personal information gathered and all other information you have entered through the products and services to potential and subsequent merger partner and businesses involved.

Chess Roll may share “cookie” and other related anonymous data about traffic patterns or the usage collected on Chess Roll with affiliated and partnered companies, its business associate, or with third-party advertisers and or ad networks.

Chess Roll may include third-party advertising in accordance with the business needs. The third parties included (websites and ads), or the possible Internet advertising companies that work on their behalf, may utilize technology such as web beacons and cookies to declare and share the advertisements that appear on our site directly to your browser beyond our control and limitations. They will automatically receive your IP address when this happens upon approval and enablement of the said feature. They are entitled to use features like cookies, JavaScript, electronic images, and other technologies to showcase and promote advertisements, collect information about the overall effectiveness of their advertisements, and are given permission to collect anonymous information about your visits and usage of Chess Roll, in relation to but not limited in the number of times you have accessed and clicked on an ad (this does not include your name, email address, or other personal information). If you would like to learn more about personal information included and or obtained by online advertising, you may review and research the matter before allowing such on your computer. Giving you a greater perspective on what would be deemed safe on the Internet.

Chess Roll may also contain links to other partnered Websites and products. Chess Roll is not responsible nor liable for the privacy practices or the content of such Websites or products. To find the time to visit the privacy policies of these third-party sites for you to understand their internal privacy policies and data collection practices/services.

What rights do you have with regard to personal data?

You are given complete rights and full authority to seek approval for the request of information and data stored, its focal origin, its recipients and participants, and the purpose on why the data must be collected at no extra charge. You have complete rights to request and ask for specific information to be corrected, blocked, and or deleted. Feel free to contact us at any time through email and chat, we will rectify the information needed at your convenience.

Should the need call for such, you may also file a complaint with the competent and regulated authority.

The majority of data processing can only be done with your consent and approval. The actions made to allow or enable the storage of personal information may be revoked upon your request. An email is written may be sufficient for this action.

The data utilized before the request may still be legally processed until implementation and upon receipt.

Should you choose to opt-out of receiving emails, reminders, newsletters, and alike from Chess Roll you may send a request at (email address)

In all due respect of the enablement or disablement of cookies on the website, you are given full rights to visit your security settings. This may limit the features and overall experience with the website and certain functions of the page.

Our players may adjust your advertising preferences on the social media platforms that they have connections to.

What are the legal reasons and provisions do we have in collecting personal data?

Legal basis for processing:

We will only collect personal information from our players if we would need to contact them in regards to the services we offer, wherein the processing of the said information is in line with our legitimate interests will not override your data protection interests or would hinder your rights and freedoms, we will ensure that we have your consent. There will be cases where we will have a legal obligation to collect the said information from you.

Should we need to collect personal information in terms of legal action or deemed necessary within legal parameters, we would contact you regarding the matter and your consent will be requested.

In the event that we would need to collect personal information from third parties involved, we are tasked to clarify and seek your consent before such actions would take place. If any action is done without prior consent you may retract the information collected.

Should you have further questions and concerns in relation to what has been discussed you may freely get in touch through the “Contact Us” section below.

For the protection of our rights and compliance with laws:

There may be instances when we may be required to disclose and connect personal information in response to lawful requests by respected and trusted public authorities, this may include, but not limited to, meeting national security or law enforcement needs. We will only disclose the said personal information to respond to subpoenas, court orders, or legal process, or to further establish or exercise our legal rights or defend our site against legal claims. We may also share such information if we firmly believe it is necessary for them to investigate, further prevent, or take needed action regarding illegal activities, suspected acts of fraud, possible situations involving potential threats to the overall physical safety of any person, violations of our Service Agreement and Privacy Policy, or as otherwise required by law.

Dashboard and Management tool:

There may be instances when we would share tasks and cards that may contain some of your personal information (Your name and contact). You may have the post retracted or deleted on our application, you may contact your administrator to have these deleted if necessary.

Notice of concerning the party responsible for this website.

The said party responsible for processing data on this website is:

Chess Roll

Telephone: (Number)

Email:(email address)

Should you wish to contact us with regards to what has been disclosed in this agreement, you may freely

contact us at (email address) for these questions and concerns

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